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Christmas Tree

By Carlo Ng

Christmas Tree, a simply good fly fishing pattern for salmon and trout

Christmas Tree is a streamer fly that Pacific Northwest anglers commonly use for fall salmon species, including coho and chum salmon. Its simplicity makes it less intimidating for entry-level fly tiers who wish to practice their tying skills and still catch fish. A floating line is often sufficient enough for this bead-headed fly to reach the strike zone when fishing in runs where moderate flow exists.


Hook: #10-6 Wet fly streamer for example Tiemco 200R, 3761, 3769, 5262
Thread: 6/0 Uni-thread, your choice of colour, my favourite is flame orange
Bead: 1/8-5/32, depending on size of hook
Wing: Flashabou, favourite colours are a mixture of blue, green, silver

Tying Steps

  • Start with a short base of thread behind the bead.
  • Cut a bunch of flashabou aruond 2-3 inches long.
  • Position it on the shank so that 1/2 of the length is behind the bead.
  • Secure it to the hook shank with a few wraps of the thread.
  • Fold the flashabou back and wind the thread onto the folded flashabou.
  • Use another bundle of flashabou and repeat step 2 to 5.
  • Build up enough thread for a head to prevent the bead from sliding back
  • Whip finish and place a drop of head cement on the head.
  • Trim off the excess tail.
  • Don't forget to pinch your barb and conserve your catch!