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Let your fingers do the talking! Chatting about fishing does not have to stop when you leave the waters anymore. Our discussion forum is a web-based community that allows you to interact with others who also enjoy the sport of angling. Seek for the latest fishing updates, participate in the latest hot topics, or simply have a chuckle. We offer discussion boards that suit anglers of all ages and skill levels.

Most sections of our discussion forum are free to the public. You do not have to be a member to read it, but you are required to sign up a membership if you wish to post new topics or replies. We offer nine different discussion boards.

Discussion Board Description
Advertisers' Specials & Announcements You can find all the latest special offers from our advertisers and other announcements in this section.
Fishing-related Issues & News Concerned about the state of our fisheries? The discussion may be hot at times, so please respect other participants.
General Discussion Ask a fishy question, meet some new friends or simply say hi!
Fishing Reports How was your latest fishing outing? Report your catches here!
Fly Fishing Cafe A great hangout for the diehard fly anglers!
Buy & Sell Looking for new fishing gear?
The Fish Kitchen Share you favorite fish recipe with other members!
Lost, Found & Stolen This section is set up for anglers to post items that are lost or found during fishing trips, as well as items that are stolen.
Outdoor Photography Show us your best nature shots!
Sport Chat A hangout for sport enthusiasts across British Columbia!
Hunters' Cabin A gathering place for those who enjoys hunting in British Columbia.

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