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Bent Rods Salmon Spinners & Special Offer

Posted on August 16th 2012, by Rodney Hsu, webmaster

With chinook salmon and soon coho salmon entering the Fraser Valley in the next couple of months, it is time to think about stocking up on your spinners and jigs. Bent Rods Guiding and Fishing Co. has used its years of experience on the water to develop some of the deadliest spinners for fall salmon. The company is now offering its first of many specials this summer/fall - The Fraser Valley weighted spinner kit.

This kit includes 17 weighted spinners, chosen by owner and designer Rod Toth. The kit covers all salmon and steelhead fishing situations that you will run into while fishing in the Fraser Valley. Rod made these kits with a slight bias for fall coho salmon fishing as that is the favourite of his spinner clients.

This spinner kit is $65.00 + HST. If you are interested, please contact Rod and Danena at 604-794-5976 or by email.

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