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Bent Rods 2014/2015 Steelhead Specials

Posted on December 16th 2014, by Bent Rods Guiding & Fishing Co.

Rod Toth from Bent Rods Guiding and Fishing Co. is an experiened steelhead fisherman.With the fall salmon season now officially over, we focus our attention to steelhead fishing. Bent Rods Guiding and Fishing Co. is once again offering guided steelhead fishing trips and jig tying sessions in Chilliwack, as well as selling their popular jigs and tying kits. Owner Rod Toth is a professional fishing guide and an experienced steelhead angler in the Fraser Valley.

Our Steelhead Guided Fishing Trips

As usual Bent Rods Guiding and Fishing Co. in Chilliwack is offering 8 hour steelhead trips for one or two anglers. These trips focus heavily on teaching anglers to become competent steelhead fishermen. The focus during our steelhead fishing day is to concentrate on reading water, formulating a fishing game plan and choosing the right technique for the current river conditions. We can supply all waders, boots, rods and reels and terminal tackle.

These trips have a history of creating competent steelhead fishermen. Many of the anglers I have taken on these trips are now catching steelhead more often than not. It os not just the skills I teach but also the passion and enthusiasm I share that inspires people to get out and fish hard and effectively.

Not just new steelhead anglers can benefit from a trip with me, often experienced anglers will book with me to learn the finer details of float fishing jigs or casting weighted spinners and spoons for the magnificent winter steelhead.

The cost of our steelhead fishing trips are $300.00 for 1 person or $450 for 2 people. To book your trip, simply email us at or call Rod at 604-845-9893.

Our Steelhead Jigs

Bent Rods Steelhead Jigs

At Bent Rods we are constantly adding new jigs and lures to our huge array of products.

On the jig front we now offer the following sizes of "do it yourself" kits for tying your own jigs:

  • Pin and bead jig kits 11/32 beads with 1/0 sickle hooks - 10 pack
  • 9/32 beads with #1 sickle hooks - 10 pack
  • Lead head jigs - all lead head jigs come in 9 color options and 5 size options
  • Colors: pink, cerise, white, copper, black, blue, orange, purple, and red
  • Size options: 1/2 oz, 3/8 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/8 oz and 1/16 oz(micro jigs,also good for fly fishing)

The most common sizes for Steelhead float fishing are the 1/4 ounce and 1/8 ounce.

Also of interest to Steelhead anglers are the steelhead jig packs, these are 35 of my favorite steelhead jigs for $99.

You can go to our website to order any of our products or visit a vast majority of local tackle stores and find them there.

To get started, you can also check out the following video tutorials by Rod:

Our Jig Tying Seminar Nights

We are also now starting our "Jig Tying with Bent Rod nights". These are 3 hour sessions where I teach the skills needed to become a competent jig tier. I concentrate on 5 styles of jigs and teach how to effectively use the most common tying materials to tie your own fish slaying jigs. You will learn to tie pin and bead jigs, lead head jigs, worm and grub jigs, twitching jigs and new this year "beaded jigs".

We supply all materials and tools and you will leave with a minimum of 5 jigs ready to catch fish tied by you.

We also talk at length about techniques and theory for catching salmon and steelhead and I will answer any questions you have on fishing in general. It is a great opportunity to learn secrets from a professional fishing guide.

We hold our tying nights on Saturdays, this way you can come fish the Chilliwack/Vedder River for the day then join me for the tying night. Often anglers will book an accommodation in town and then head out the next day with their self tied jigs and boosted confidence and chase the elusive steelhead.

Our first tying night will be December 27th at 6:00pm, we hold these sessions at my Bent Rods Boat shop in Chilliwack.

The cost is $50 per person and we can accommodate 8 people per session. We provide everything you will need. We also supply coffee, tea and snacks.

We also have jig tying tool kits available for sale. These come with everything you need to tie jigs with. You can also purchase pins, beads and lead head jigs for your own future tying sessions.

To reserve a spot at our tying sessions, please email us at or call Rod at 604-845-9893.

I'm looking forward to a great steelhead season and hopefully I can get a chance to fish with or spend a night tying jigs with some of you.

Tight lines and Bent Rods!

Rod Toth
Bent Rods Guiding & Fishing Co.
Phone: 604-845-9893

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