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Fishing with Rod

Established in 2001, Fishing with Rod is an online fishing resource based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

During the first several years of our operation, we focused on publishing articles that introduce fishing to those who are either new to the sport or would like to start participating. In addition, we started creating a solid readership by providing ongoing updates such as daily news, regulation updates and weekly fishing reports.

In 2006, following the introduction of YouTube, we began developing video content so this learning experience is more entertaining and interactive. We have been producing video features on a weekly basis, which include how-to-fish segments, short entertaining clips, video blog and documentary style features.

Currently, with over 400 video features available for viewing, over 28,000 subscribers and 10 million total video views, our YouTube channel is the most watched sport fishing channel in Canada.

Since 2007, Fishing with Rod has partnered with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, BC's Ministry of Environment and other local sport fishing organizations to ensure that our content is always relevant and up-to-date for our readers.

Our goal is to share our passion in recreational fishing, promote educated angling and inspire others to appreciate our precious natural resource.

Today, between 2,000 and 6,000 anglers visit Fishing with Rod daily. We currently specialize in content such as instructional articles, fishing location guides, regional fishing reports, blogging, photography, videography, trout stocking database, regulation and news updates.