Dew Worm

Dew worms are the most popular freshwater bait used by sport fishermen. When you started fishing, chances are that you used dew worms for bait. They are commonly used for trout and bass fishing in both lakes and rivers. They can also be used coho salmon and steelhead when they return to spawn in their natal streams. Dew worms are also used when targeting white stugeon in the Fraser River during certain time of the year.

They can be bought from a fishing store by the dozen. They can also be collected from your backyard quite easily. To do so, simply spray water in the evening on your lawn and watch them emerge from the ground.

Depending on the size of your hook and your target species, dew worms can be used in a cut up piece or in several per hook. If you are fishing for trout, a small piece of dew worm is adequate enough while several dew worms are needed on a hook when fishing for sturgeon.

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