Mystery Fish Contest #17

Answer: Pacific Sanddab

Mystery BC fish species.

The mystery fish species in our seventeenth mystery fish species contest is a Pacific sanddab or Citharichthys sordidus. Unlike most flatfish species in British Columbia, Pacific sanddab are lefteye flounders, which have both their eyes on the left side of the body. This characteristic rules out all other possible species in the righteye flounder family. Pacific sanddab have large eyes and a distinct ridge can usually be seen between the two eyes. The colour of their left side is light brown, with occasional red and yellow spots. While rarely targeted in British Columbia by recreational fishermen, it is a popular gamefish in California and also a fantastic eating fish.

Out of the 156 answers which were submitted, 46 participants (29.5%) were able to identify this fish correctly. Incorrect answers submitted include halibut, English sole, starry flounder. Sole and flounder were also not accepted as correct answers as they include a broad family of species.

Congratulations to ten winners who were picked from the 46 participants. Each winner will receive a pair of tickets to 2014's BC Boat & Sportsmen's Show at Tradex in Abbotsford on March 7th to 9th! The winners are:

  • Adam Sripranaratanakul
  • Adam Rozental
  • Brett Lauener
  • David Eng
  • Eric MacFadden
  • Glynn Cousley
  • Hamid Seshadri
  • Ken Woodward
  • Kenneth Cho
  • Ross Jardine