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Starry Flounder

Platichthys stellatus

Starry flounder

Starry flounder is a flatfish species found in the North Pacific. They live mostly inshore, ranging from estuaries and deep seas (up to 300m) to even rivers. In British Columbia, starry flounder can be found on sandy and muddy bottoms, where they prey on invertebrates, crustaceans and small fish. They can easily be identified by the black and white/orange bands along their dorsal and anal fins. The skin on the upper side is scaly and rough. In the estuaries, fish up to 1 or 2lb are found, while much larger fish (up to 10lb+) in deeper parts of the sea are found. To catch starry flounder, simply use a bottom fishing rig that is baited with small pieces of worm or fish. A jig being dragged on the bottom can also work.