How to Fish: Fraser River Bar Fishing


Every July and August, hundreds of thousands of chinook salmon make their way through British Columbia's mighty Fraser River to their natal streams for spawning. At the stretch between Chilliwack and Hope, a fishing technique known as barfishing is commonly used to catch these prized fish.

In this video series, Nick Basok and Chris Gadsden of the Fraser Valley Salmon Society explain the setups and techniques of barfishing. Nick Basok is a retired hatchery technician and currently a staff at the Chilliwack Dart and Tackle. Both Nick and Chris have many decades of fishing experience in the Fraser Valley.

There are five parts of this video series. At the end of each part, the video player will automatically start the next part.

Camera Rodney Hsu and Chris Gadsden
Editing Rodney Hsu
Music Getty Images Inc.