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Special Video Features

These long documentary style videos focus on fishing events, conservation projects and some interesting fisheries that are found in British Columbia.

Title Duration
2007 Rice Lake Family Fishing Day 5 minutes 15 seconds
2007 Cultus Lake Pikeminnow Derby 9 minutes 25 seconds
AQUA Freshwater Aquarium, Denmark 6 minutes 46 seconds
Breeding Cutthroat Trout 9 minutes 24 seconds
Chum Salmon Tagging 4 minutes 57 seconds
Collecting Salmon Eggs 5 minutes 41 seconds
Fingerling Festival 4 minutes 59 seconds
Fishing in the City 4 minutes 47 seconds
Juvenile Steelhead Release 6 minutes 49 seconds
Launch of "Fishing in the City" 8 minutes 18 seconds
Marking Juvenile Hatchery Coho Salmon 3 minutes 31 seconds
Rainbow Trout in BC 4 minutes 12 seconds
Rainbow Trout Release 4 minutes 1 second
Spawning Steelhead 9 minutes 42 seconds
Thousands of Chum Salmon 2 minutes 59 seconds
Ucluelet Aquarium 3 minutes 13 seconds
Urban Lake Infrastructures 3 minutes 51 seconds
White Sturgeon Anatomy 3 minutes 25 seconds
Youth Flyfishing Competition 8 minutes 5 seconds