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Fishery issues

In this section, you will find articles that discuss common issues found in British Columbia's fisheries. These issues include conservation, regulations, anglers' ethics and restoration projects.

Title Publish date
Chilliwack River Steelhead Brood Collection Program
Each year, volunteer anglers capture wild winter steelhead for Chilliwack River's hatchery steelhead program between January and April.
January 2012
Don't kill it just because it is ugly!
Sportfishermen should not leave sculpins to die on land simply because they are not pretty in the eyes.
January 2002
Fishing line... Love it, hate it!
Fishing line is an important part of a fisherman's gear, but when disposed irresponsibly, it can be deadly for wildlife.
December 2002
Stabilizing Work Underway on Chilliwack River
Work has begun on stabilizing the major clay slides along the Upper Chilliwack River to improve fish habitat and fishing opportunities.
September 2003
Steelhead hatchery program, a success story!
Chilliwack River's steelhead fishing opportunities have been excellent due to its successful hatchery program.
April 2003
The cost of two socks
Anglers are allowed to take home two fish each day during the Fraser River sockeye salmon opening, but at what cost?
July 2004
When should you not keep a salmon in rivers?
When should you not keep a salmon while fishing in BC rivers for them as season comes to an end?
November 2010