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Region Two Fishing Locations

Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley

Sport fishing in Vancouver

The Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley offer a variety of sport fisheries that can be done year-round. There are fisheries available for all age groups and skill levels. Some streams closer to Metro Vancouver are more utilized, while remote, uncrowded fisheries can easily be found without travelling much further.

Across Region Two, there are over twenty urban and semi-urban lakes that are stocked with catchable rainbow trout between March and October. Stocked with an average weight of 250g, these fish are suitable for those who are still learning how to fish. If stocked fish do not fancy you, then larger cutthroat trout, bull trout and kokanee are available in more remote and larger lakes.

Winter steelhead fishing attracts seasoned and determined anglers between December and April in several Fraser Valley streams. Five species of pacific salmon return to their natal streams between August and December, when both local and foreign anglers enjoy the best fishing this region offers. Summer on the Fraser River is the ideal playground for the entire family, fish of all sizes from a miniature sculpin to a gigantic white sturgeon maybe connected. When both salmon and steelhead fishing are slow, one can experience hunting for coastal cutthroat trout and bull trout with light tackle.

Saltwater fishing is available throughout the year. In Burrard Inlet, Howe Sound, Gulf Islands, Chinook salmon can be caught by trolling from mid winter until late summer. Sockeye salmon fishing can be fantastic in August when millions of fish stage at the mouth of Fraser River. Coho salmon fishing can either be done from shore or a boat at the Capilano River mouth between July and September. Beach fishing for coho and pink salmon is available during certain time of the year near river mouths.

River Fishing Spots

Between August and November, Pacific salmon return to rivers across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Anglers can enjoy catching fresh salmon without having to travel very far. Winter steelhead is the main target species between December and May. Beside salmon and steelhead, trout and char fishing can also be done during other parts of the year.

Region Two River Fishing Location Guide

Lake Fishing Spots

Region two has lakes that cater anglers of all skill levels. In Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley, urban lakes are regularly stocked with rainbow trout for families and entry-level anglers to enjoy. Beyond the Lower Mainland, experienced anglers can enjoy targeting trophy sized cutthroat and rainbow trout at remote lakes.

Region Two Lake Fishing Location Guide

Saltwater Fishing Spots

Saltwater fishing in Vancouver can either be done from shore or a boat. Trolling for salmon from a boat is available between mid winter and late summer, while shore fishing is popular from early summer to late fall. Prawning and crabbing can also be done while awaiting for the next big fish to bite. Pier fishing is also a popular family activity and there are many different species

Saltwater Fishing Location Guide

Tidal Fraser River Fishing Spots

Stretching from Mission to Steveston in the Southwestern corner of British Columbia, the Tidal Fraser River provides many fishing opportunities for angling enthusiasts from the largest city of this province. While most are only familiar with the popular salmon fisheries during a small part of the year, fishing can in fact be done at anytime of the year.

Tidal Fraser River Fishing Location Guide