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Tunkwa Lake BC Fishing Report

By Al Patton, Tunkwa Lake Resort | Last updated: January 17th, 2017

We're finally getting a break from the long running cold snap, with temperature rising to around the 0C mark, which is a really nice change!

Ice Fishing has been spotty. Some guests are doing very well while others not so well. You have to be able to move around to find the active trout. Fishing shallow at first light and last light are the best bet.

A couple of guests have been doing OK fishing over deeper water (12-15′) mid day, as the fish seem to settle in back out there after feeding in the shallows, during low light. A stable barometer is key to keep the trout feeding in the winter. Falling barometer sees the trout get a case of 'lock jaw', or so it seems.

Lots of ice out there (12 plus inches) with some snow on it. Slush is thick in a few spots sitting on top of the ice, making it sloppy going across it. It's mostly out in the mid lake areas. Leighton is very sloppy with lots of slush sitting on the ice, making conditions there less than ideal.

The road going into the Provincial Park area is in bad shape (Leighton boat launch access is gated closed) and it's not recommended to drive in there, the ditches are deep if you slide into them, and a tow truck is a long ways off.

Our cabins are all ready and available for our ice fishing guests, so please feel free to give us a call if you'd like to come up.

Al Patton
Tunkwa Lake Resort
Phone: 250.523.9697 or 1.877.623.9697