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Peamouth Chub

Mylcheilus caurinus

Peamouth chub

Peamouth chub is a member of the minnow family that is commonly found in most freshwater systems across the Pacific Northwest. It is a popular species among youngsters due to Its eagerness to feed and high abundance. In BC, peamouth chub is not considered as a sportfish due to its small size, poor fighting strength and bad tablefare.


Peamouth chub can reach a maximum size of 35cm, however they are generally between 15cm and 25cm. Upper body is grey/green/black in colour, while it retains a white colouration along its abdomen. During spawning season, orange stripes can be seen below the lateral line. Like the other members in the minnow family, peamouth chub lack an adipose fin. Their fin colour is yellow to orange.


Peamouth chub are found in lakes, small streams and brackish waters. They are present in the major systems across Western North America such as Nass, Peace, Fraser and Columbia River. Juveniles are found in shallow vegetative waters, while adults generally stay in deeper waters especially during the summer months.

Life History

Peamouth chub spawn in shallow waters of small streams and lakes where gravel is present. During late spring, females deposit eggs onto the bottom. Each female can produce between 5,000 to 30,000 eggs, depending on the size of the fish. Juvenile peamouth chub make up an important diet for predatory fish in lakes such as trout. Adults primarily feed on small aquatic invertebrates. In some cases, they may feed on salmon eggs during the salmon spawning season.

Fishing Locations

Peamouth chub can be caught with ease from lake shore, river bank and piers. Look for structures such as rock piles, wood, bay, and any brackish water that may shelter them. During the summer months, peamouth chub can be found in most major estuary systems as well as small streams and shallow lakes.

Fishing Techniques

The equipment used for peamouth chub is relatively simple. You can catch them by tying a hook and a small weight onto a handline. For those who prefer rods and reels, select an ultralight setup that is rated for 4lb test or less. Line between 2lb test and 4lb test is ideal. Hook size should be #10 or smaller. A small float may be used as a bite indicator. Peamouth chub is not a picky eater, so bait such as bread, dough, worms, roe will all be effective as long as the fish are present.